Get active!

Yoga, stretching and mindfulness for all


Classes can be in person or online.

Group sessions, or one-to-one sessions, can be taught at home studio, garden, client's home or online via Google Meet.

First group session trial costs £10.

One-to-one sessions from £35.


Free yoga sessions are available for beginners and intermediates for Mental Health Awareness Week UK.

These will be held at lunchtime and evening on Thursday 13 May. Please contact me for further information.


All classes are taught with gentle guidance and modifications are provided throughout with utmost respect and acceptance allowing for classes to be suitable for beginners as well as advanced. 


Each session is tailored to suit your individual needs, such as an injury/illness or specific goals providing a workout, lots of stretchng, and also a mental detox. 


Each class entails:
- pranayama (breathing) 
- a dynamic warm up
- a series of postures
- guided relaxation


All students are asked to contact me to discuss your individual aims and prior to attending their first class to complete a health questionnaire.